Weekly 15 Minute Challenge

The question isn’t whether you like your website but is it inviting visitors to stay? Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds (actually more like 5 seconds) to grab someone’s attention? Sure you have needs that must be meet by your site but it doesn’t work if your visitors won’t engage. Keeping your site clean, easy to navigate and showcases your artwork should be your #1 goal. Can’t tell you how many artists’ websites I visit in a week but a large percentage don’t grab my attention and it has nothing to do with their artwork. You should be looking at your site as if you were the visitor. It’s like critiquing your own work…pull the emotion and personal views out of it. Here is this week’s challenge…it’s a 2 Part Series.


15 Minute Challenge, Part 1 – Does your website pass the test?

  1. When was the last time you updated or actually looked at your website?
  2. Are you capable of managing/updating your own site?
  3. Would you describe your website template as clean or cluttered?
  4. Are your website background colors neutral?
  5. Do you have so many categories and tabs that your navigation bar is more than a single line?
  6. How many categories of paintings do you have? i.e. florals, still life, landscape, figurative, oils, watercolors, drawings, mixed media, impressionism, small works? You get the idea.
  7. How much artwork do you have listed on your site?
  8. What is your oldest image currently on your site? Does it reflect where you are currently as an artist?
  9. Does your website have bells and whistles? i.e. music playing in the background? If so, stop immediately and remove!!!
  10. Is your email listed on your website? This does not include a contact page.
  11. If you have a logo, does it over power the images on your home page?
  12. Do you have a way for visitors to subscribe to your latest announcements and news?
  13. Do you use any “Call to Actions”?
  14. Do you list painting information and prices on your website?
  15. Do visitors have a simple way to purchase or inquire about your work?
  16. Is there a picture of you on your website?
  17. Do you have an Events page that is blank or just lists previous events?
  18. If you have a contact page, how often do you check for messages?

Now, keep these answers for next week. I’ll be back with some suggestions on how to improve your website.

Reminder: If you have any tasks that you are struggling, please email me. If I use your suggestion as a 15 Minute Challenge, you will receive a free 30 minute consultation with me.



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Taking Stock and 15 Minute Challenge

Taking Stock

Adobe Spark (20)

Want to hear a confession? I used to keep my inventory of paintings and sales on Post-It Notes. Yep, I admit it. When I started this “system” Excel was about the only platform in use and I couldn’t stand Excel, so color-coded Post-It notes in a folder was my system. You can only imagine how well that worked. But today we have lots of options available. I got wise and became a professional (actually it’s easier than the color coded Post-It notes)! No matter whether you are currently using an inventory system or aren’t at a stage in your career to spend money on an inventory system , there is one SIMPLE and FREE option (up to 2 GB) that you should consider and not just as a way to track inventory. DROPBOX!

This is a great way to get started if you have no system or worse, my Post-It note system in place. It’s also the best way to have your images all in one place with all relevant information. Don’t be intimated. It’s as easy as attaching an image for an email.

Dropbox can serve as an inventory platform as well as a way to share images with your gallery(s), interior designers, etc. Instead of attaching huge files to an email or just sending them to your website, you can customize a set of images for a targeted audience and send them a link to view. So professional.

Once you’ve built it (which takes no time) it will be so easy and efficient!!!

Here’s the 15 Minute Challenge

Sign up for Dropbox. Pick 5 images of paintings that you have created (include at least one that was sold, donated, gifted or destroyed) and follow these steps:

  1. Add folders (i.e. 2016 paintings, collectors, etc.) to Dropbox
  2. Upload images to the correct Dropbox folder. SIDE NOTE – Name your painting images (from your computer) in this manner… TitleSizeMediumSupportYearcreated – EXAMPLE:Yellow12x24OilLinen2016. *If you don’t know how to name your images on your computer, click here.
  3. Take a sold, donated,gifted or destroyed painting and rename the image in the Dropbox folder by right clicking on the image.  You will see a drop down box. HIT rename. Then simply type in the changes. Example: Yellow12x24OilLinen2016Sold.
  4. Create a simple word document to list your collector information: List the name of the collector(s). If it is a gallery sale and no collector name is available, list the gallery. Include the title of painting purchased, price and date of purchase.
  5. Save this form to your Collectors’ folder in Dropbox. You can then add your collectors’ emails to your MailChimp or other email marketing services at your convenience.
  6. Drop your price list into a Dropbox folder for easy access.
  7. Add the Dropbox app to your phone and/or tablet. That way your images are always with you.

You’re done! See how easy this can be. Everything at your fingertips in one place. No more searching to find the image, to track down the size, medium and location (is it available, destroyed or sold).  All that is left is to start adding more paintings as you create and sell them.


While this isn’t the long term answer for inventory management, it gets you started and will carry you through your career as your “GO TO” place to find all your images and information.

NOTE: If you are represented by galleries and need a way to keep track of what painting is where, create folders for each gallery including one for your studio. Then as you send or receive work to and from your galleries, just place a copy of the image in the designated folder and you know the exact location of any painting. I do suggest, however, if you are represented by galleries that it might be time to invest in an inventory tracking system but Dropbox can bridge that gap.

If you have any issues that you are trying to tackle, drop me an email and let me know.  If I use your suggestion for one of my 15 Minute Challenges, you will receive a 30 minute free phone call consultation with me.