15 Minute Challenge…Graphics

We live in a visual world as well as working in one, yet, I see some of the most boring posts. People just snap a photo and post. If you are trying to promote an event, workshop or even share your own work, take a little time and make it POP.  I try to create a new image (like the hats) every few weeks for my Artist BFF website to give a visual to what I offer. There are so many programs that can help you add interest to your posts. I have used Canvaand PicMonkey (just to mention a few) to add text, filters and create collages. You can create Facebook posts, covers, Instagram posts with your own photos or there are many free images that you can choose from. Most of the options are free or very inexpensive (like a $1). They are easy and quick to create and make everything look more professional.

15 Minute Challenge


1. Create a new Facebook cover. Include your art and some text using Canva. It’s like getting an instant facelift to your Facebook page. It’s fun but a warning…it can be addictive.

2. Play around in Canva and see what else you can create for your blog, Instagram or Facebook posts.

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15 Minute Challenge…Publicity

I would like to thank everyone who is following my 15 Challenges and telling me how much you like the information being shared. These 15 Minute Challenges are going to be for a limited time. For more information about these topics, watch for my Easel-ly Successful Guide that will be coming out this fall. These challenges are just the tip of the iceberg of information.

Sharing your news with your community and gaining publicity takes more than just posting on Social Media. Ever picked up a local publication to see an announcement of an artist event or an article highlighting an artist and his/her work? How did that happen? I’d hazard a guess that a lot of those started with the publication receiving a press release.

There are so many opportunities to get your work in front of the public. It doesn’t have to be about a show or a 1st place prize. Here are a few ideas that you could generate a press release. Example: Doing a demo at local art organization or event, painting a series about a historic or conservation area (highlighting the how that impacts the area) or inviting the public to come watch your monthly, local plein air group. You have a lot to share but takes some thought, so get busy.

Providing topics for writers is a gift to them. So wrap it up and sent it out.

15 Minute Challenge

  1. Click here for a basic press release template and customize it. I find it much easier to write one when all I have to do it simply add the specifics.
  2. Make a list of local and national publications and find out if there is a specific person who should receive them
  3. Make a list of potential events or ideas

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For expert help with your art marketing needs, contact Kelley Sanford, Artist BFF and see a list of my services, visit my website.

Check our monthly Art Muse Contest. Great cash prizes, opportunities for gallery representation and exhibition plus other cool prizes.

Easel-ly Successful 15 Minute Challenge

Create your Own Tribe!

Today’s post is just the starting point for gaining followers/subscribers. Over the next few months, I will be discussing how to gain followers, the best platforms for communicating and what/when and how to engage your audience.

Let’s start with “do you have your own personal art tribe”? Do you know who is in your tribe? Who do you want to be in your tribe? What is your goal for your tribe? It’s not just about collecting emails, it’s about what you want to communicate to your audience. So let’s dive in.

15 Minute Challenge

1. Do you currently have a mailing list? Is it post-notes or do you use a email marketing service?

If not, please go sign up for MailChimp (it’s free up to 2000 subscribers). Then install a subscribe button on your website and Facebook page. Don’t know how, MailChimp has lots of tutorials and guides available. Don’t say, I don’t know how…learn how. I’m not a computer code writing artist…I just took the time to learn and gained the knowledge. It’s your art business. This will be more than a 15 Minute Challenge if you don’t currently have an email marketing service but it’s a necessity if you want to gain followers.

2. Answer the following questions.

  • Do you want to just share your work with friends and peers?
  • Do you want to sell your work?
  • Do you want to be in galleries?
  • Do you want to teach?
  • Do you other art related goals?

3. Answer the following questions.

  • Do you paint primarily one subject? i.e. portraits
  • Would you describe yourself as a realist, impressionist, abstract or expressionist painter? Or how would you describe your art?
  • Do you do both plein air or studio work? More or one than another?
  • Do you consider yourself a hobbyist or do you consider yourself a professional (or working toward) becoming a professional artist?
  • How do you sell your work? Through your website and/or galleries?

3. Who should be in your tribe? That comes from your previous answers in Question 2 & 3.  If you are just interested in sharing your art but not selling, then email marketing probably isn’t worth your time. Just use social media. However, if you want to sell your art, then who should you target? Think who would be the most interested in purchasing your art. If you paint fly fisherman, then your audience should probably include fly fisherman (we’ll talk later about how to get in front of a specific audience). Each response has a different solution but you have to understand where you want go as an artist before you begin the journey.

3. Think about social media. Do you know who your followers are? Are they primarily other artists? If you don’t know, go look at your FB and Instagram followers. How can you communicate effectively if you don’t even know who you are talking to?

4. Last but not least, begin to think like a potential collector or student (if you teach). We are all consumers in other aspects of our lives, we need to learn to apply it to our followers as well. As they say, walk a mile in their shoes.

Keep your answers to this week’s challenge, you will need them as we dive more into how to gain more subscribers.

Check our monthly Art Muse Contest. Great cash prizes, opportunities for gallery representation and exhibition plus other cool prizes.


Easel-ly Successful and a Weekly 15 Minute Challenge

Adobe Spark (16)Besides being a painter, teacher, co-creater of Art Muse Contest, assistant to a successful artist, I’m also the Artist BFF. And I’m adding a new blog, Easel-ly Successful, Marketing Tips and Practical Advice for the Busy Artist.

What? Another blog with tips? Lots of great advice, but who has time to follow through? Precisely why this blog will be different. I work with artists every week struggling to create and market their work. I find that it’s must easier to break things down into smaller bites. Each week I will post one 15 Minute Challenge for you as well offer practical advice, marketing tips and updates on the latest trends in social media.

Adobe Spark (13)So, are you going to join me and take the 15 Minute weekly challenge? These 15 minute challenges can help cross off lots of items on your To Do list or ones you didn’t even realize should be on your To Do List. Remember at the end of day, it’s your business and no one will work harder for your success than you!
Click HERE for the first Easel-ly Successful  post and 15 Minute Challenge, “Up your Instagram Game”.

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