Art Cafe

Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable chair and enjoy a little art discussion. Each Monday, we will post an art related article or video that we find educational and hopefully entertaining. We love feedback or if you have an idea for an upcoming post, please share.


7 thoughts on “Art Cafe

    1. Hi, Susana. I’m constantly on the look out for anything of interest for pastels and all mediums. They just seem harder to find. I will redouble my efforts and see what if I can come up with something. Thanks for following us.


  1. Hi Kelly, Wonder if you could send a link to the “Gladys roldan De Moras” article. Everything I’ve clicked on says PAGE NOT FOUND.
    Also I see lots of interesting pastel info on Karen Marguilas blog.


    1. Hi, Sue. Gladys’ post will be published this coming Wednesday. I accidently hit the publish button as I was editing the blog post. Sorry about that. I love Karen’s work and blog. Kelley


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