Along their artistic journey, Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford have each experienced wanting answers to questions and they didn’t always have access to a knowledgeable person. They aren’t experts, they are like you, trying to glean as much information from those who are further down the path. Each week they will be taking the questions you submit and seeking out professional, knowledgeable individuals in the industry to answer them. Questions can range from artists’ techniques, art materials, seeking inspiration to how to market your art and anything in between. While their “experts” probably wouldn’t use this label to describe themselves, they consider them professionals in their field and have knowledge to be shared. So, this is your opportunity to pose that question that you’ve been wanting to ask but haven’t. Each Wednesday, they will post the Question of the Week and the expert'(s) response. All you have to do is fill out the form and submit. You will be notified if and when your question is answered. Your identity will not be revealed unless we have your ok. So join our community and help make this “the” go to place for information and inspiration.

Two Artists on a mission to bring inspiration and information to artists one question at a time. Follow Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford as they invite questions, seek answers and provide a bit of humor for those tough days at the easel. They are still in the building process and have lots of great plans to share. Please be sure to subscribe. Thanks for reading.