About Kim & Kelley

We are Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford, who happen to be artists, business partners and friends. We launched our blog “In the Artist Studio” in September, 2015 and Art Muse Contest January 1st, 2016.  Each of us brings something different to these ventures.

Kim VanderHoek creates current, vibrant paintings in oil. She is also an art instructor who teaches both studio and plein air classes. Through sheer force of will (and a lot of caffeine) she manages to juggle both painting and raising a family with 2 children. Kim frequently travels to juried Plein air events around the U.S.

Kelley Sanford is a recent transplant to California having sold almost everything to move cross country to start a new life. Kelley is an oil painter and an art instructor. She is also founder of Artist BFF, providing business services and marketing assistance to artists who are challenged by lack of time in the studio and the business/marketing side of art.