norman rockwell make a wish
Make a Wish, Norman Rockwell

“Ask the Expert” will return next Wednesday but today Kim and I would like to express how thankful we are for each of you that have taken the time to follow and support us. It’s hard to believe that this journey started only 2 months ago. We appreciate all the wonderful emails, comments and “shares”. We are also thankful for our guest artists for sharing their insights and making “Ask the Expert” a very popular place to visit. There are more exciting guest artists waiting to offer up their advice, so stay tuned.

Even though there isn’t an “Ask the Expert” post today, we wanted to announce that a Resource page is being added to the blog. A few of our readers have submitted questions asked that have been answered by other blogs or artists and we don’t want to be repetitive. However, when one of you asks a question, we want to be able to our best ability to provide a response, so over time our goal is to build this page to provide good resources to those questions. The first question is regarding Studio Safety and Scott Gellatly, Artist and Product Manager for Gamblin Paints has provided great advice. Here’s the link to Scott’s Answer and the link to new Resource page.

We will be back next week with Art Cafe and Ask the Expert and of, course our Big Reveal on Tuesday. You don’t want to miss that. Happy Thanksgiving from two very grateful artists at In the Artist Studio.


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