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Welcome to our new blog. We’re Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford, working artists and art teachers who are in the trenches daily and understand the difficulties of being a successful, professional artist. We created this place where you can submit questions and we seek out the experts for the answers. We want to build a community where there is an opportunity for you to have access to professionals in their given area of expertise, who will share their knowledge. Questions can range from painting techniques, materials or supplies, business or marketing questions and anything in between.

Every Wednesday, we will submit one of your questions and post the experts response. No question is too small or too large, so don’t be reluctant to ask. We will work hard to find the best answer. We will not reveal your name (unless you want us to), so ask away. We need your input to make this successful, so bring on the questions.

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Kim and Kelley


3 thoughts on “Ask an Expert

  1. Geoff Stray

    Question: About 40 years ago I saw a photo of a painting in a newspaper…. (actually saw it again about 3 years after that in another newspaper/magazine). It is a painting of a woman with long frizzy ginger hair, with big eyes rolled back so they are almost all white. 17-19th century, in colour. May have been wearing high-shouldered green dress. Not like other “religious ecstasy” paintings, in that it looked creepy – almost demonic. Can you identify it from this description please? Thanks very much.


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